Checks And Identity Theft

Check Fraud

Many people love and hate their checkbooks. They are absolutely unnecessary in todays world but people are naturally stubborn and will continue to use paper checks.

These little rectangular pieces of paper have the ability to ruin your life for years. That sounds a little dramatic but its all too common.

People view checks as convenient and may be scared to get a debit card because it requires changing their old routine.

What makes simple checks so damaging is the fact they have an enormous amount of your personal information on them. Every single check has your bank account and routing numbers right there on the bottom.

In skilled hands, just these numbers alone can enable someone to get money right from your account and deposit it in their own. Sure you will find out on your next bank statement but by then, the damage is done.

Another important piece of information on a paper check is your full name and address. Many married couples put the name of their spouse on there as well.

Now they have two identities to steal. Identity thieves absolutely love it when people are foolish enough to put social security numbers on the check too. There is no reason anyone should ever do that.

If your social security number is on there with your name, address, account number and routing number, you might as well walk strangers into your house and give them all of your bank statements, credit card bills, and utility bills.

Its just ridiculous. If your checkbook is stolen, even if you cancel the checks, the information is all still on them. Be very careful to keep your checks secure and put as little information on them as possible on them.

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